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Mechanical Engineering Corporation of America

The difficult we do immediately,
the impossible takes a little longer.

MECOA is America's leading producer of miniature engines used in the hobby industry including the famous brands of
K&B - FOX - WEBRA - HB - HP - Fuji and others.

In addition to these well known brands in production since 1946, MECOA offers several different products and service.

And YES, this is all right here in Southern California, U.S.A.

MECOA also manufactures air pumps, aircraft components, engines for unmanned aerial vehicles, military components, and components for food processing equipment.

Founded in 1976 as RJL Industries by Randy Linsalato, RJL and MECOA offer years of mechanical engineering and production experience.

Customers include: Ford Motor Company, NASA, Eaton Mission Systems, John Hopkins University, MIT, Ballard Power Systems, Eaton Corp, Lockheed, Northrop, GE Aerospace, AeroVironment, Universal Studios, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Honeywell, Tamiya, and others.

Eaton Corporation Recognizes MECOA
as a Significant Supplier.

America's oldest and largest producer

MECOA & RJL Industries own and produce more brands of model engines than any other company.

Through the years MECOA has acquired many of its competitors, big and small, to obtain nearly 50 brand names.

Miniature precision, long life, air pumps

In the late 1990's, RJL was commissioned by Ballard Power Systems of Vancouver, Canada to produce a miniature rotary air pump for fuel cell applications.

Ballard chose RJL for its expertise of precision miniature components like the ones used in model engines. The result was the world's smallest mass produced roots type air pump.

Military and Aircraft Components

MECOA is a subcontractor of military and military aircraft components in the areas of fire suppression and pressure control.
Components for quick dump, burst disk valves.

UAV Engines

MECOA produces engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles under the Marks of K&B and WEBRA..

In fact MECOA K&B has produced more engines for unmanned aerial targets than any other company.

Heavy fueled JP-8 engines for military use.
Self contained, portable micro generation systems.

Precision Components

MECOA is a supplier of precision components to many companies. We have Automated and Computerized Equipment to produce a variety of small precision components. DoD approved.

CNC machining
Plastic injection & blow molding
Die, permanent mold & investment casting
ID grinding and honing to ±.000075
OD between centers and centerless grinding to ±.000050
MIG, TIG, Resistance, and Capacitor Discharge welding.

Precision Assemblies

MECOA produces subassemblies for a variety if industries. One of the largest producers of GLOW PLUGS for small engines, these assemblies require precision welding and fixturing.

Through the years MECOA has developed proprietary manufacturing techniques making this American company competitive in the world markets. We also make ignitors and heat sources for special effects and test equipment.

MECOA is capable of annual production quantities into the several hundreds of thousand's.

Engineering and Prototyping Services

With years of design and manufacturing experience, MECOA can assist you in all aspects of design. In fact we have been called upon for expert legal witness services in the area of design and manufacturing.

Engineering from consumer lighting to complex rotary engines and air & hydraulic pumps.

Molds and Dies
Many years of experience in injection molding and aluminum die casting.

Experience with small precision component manufacturing...

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